Developing the strategic identity for Mulpha’s $3bn Norwest’s Smart City initiative.


Mulpha’s ‘Norwest Smart City’ placemaking strategy shapes the fundamental elements which will shape the future of Norwest. With the bones already inplace, the urban development task at hand is to build in its intrinsic strengths. Mulpha’s vision is to provide a framework which allows the community to flourish, evolve and establish its own unique character: From established businesses to start-up culture, metro lifestyle to family centric living.

Our goal was to create an aspirational framework for engaging with residents, stakeholders, investors and ensure continued thought leadership.


A place brand to unite the community.


Beacon of innovation, Human at Heart and Systems Thinking were the aspirational pillars which Mulpha developed in order to engage with all the diverse participants within Norwest. After several workshops with key stakeholders, what became clear to us was this vision for the Norwest of tomorrow had the potential to change the way people felt about Norwest today. However, what was required was the creation of a place brand and communications platform which simplified an extremely complex concept and encourage the community to participate in Mulpha’s initiatives designed to make this Smart City a reality.

Make. A simple, empowering call to action.


‘Make’ became the unifying brand statement to rally the Community and help Make this vision a reality. By Making changes to their routines, engagement with others, attitudes and preconceptions of what was possible, they could help Make Norwest a better place right now and into the future. Make became part of the communications vernacular, it shaped how Mulpha communicated with residents, engaged with businesses and those looking to invest in the Smart City initiative. It was front and centre throughout the park on Billboards, environmental graphics, wayfinding, information centres, popups, events and in take home collateral.

Ultimately, it formed the framework and guiding principles for how to convert a concept thought leadership piece into practical community engagement initiatives.