The essence of feeling alive.


At Essentia, Mulpha are creating a blueprint for future living. Consisting of 74 Smart Homes built around a resort-style Wellness Centre, smart integrated technology is a key focus. Essentia’s innovative solar and battery storage allows residents to store excess daytime solar production and reduce their household carbon footprint, with a system that pays for itself in just 6 years through reduced energy costs, whilst home automation makes living easy.

Launched in 2019 in a downward trending market, we knew we needed to engage with prospective purchasers on a deeper level to ensure success.

Essentia Brochure

Overcoming market challenges.


A workshop session with the broader team, competitive research and an extensive SWOT analysis led to us short listing the key project differentials which informed both the brand vision and marketing strategy. With scepticism in off the plan developments on the rise, we created cut through with an engaging brand and honest, informative communication pieces aimed at educating buyers of the Essentia’s salient benefits and ultimately putting them at ease Mulpha had the track record to deliver.

Lead generation strategy.


Our campaign was divided into separate “Engage” and “Remarket” strategies. The latter aimed to convert prospects which had viewed the campaign but made an enquiry. Weekly monitoring of the campaign dashboard determined what media and creative was performing best. Monthly website analysis revealed what buyers were most interested in viewing and any optimisation required.

Through this process we were able to determine what content, messaging and imagery buyers were responding to most. As a result, we were able to make fast, efficient and informed changes to the creative to maximise leads and reduce inefficient media spend.