Creating an immersive experience for the $1.6bn centrepiece of St Leonards.


Eighty Eight embodies JQZ’s reputation for creating visionary precincts and truly exception living environments in landmark locations. Facing competition from a number of new residential developments within the St Leonards town centre precinct, it was critical we took buyers on a journey, creating a display centre experience which left a lasting impression, utilised market leading technology and instilled confidence.

Today, creating the ideal buyer experience is king. Whilst purchasers still want to touch and see the product, they also want to feel empowered by the experience and come out of an inspection feeling completely informed.

88 by JQZ Display Suite

A blend of tactile luxury, technology and storytelling.


The more comfortable your prospective buyer is with the product you are selling, the better chance you have of making the sale. From Immersion Rooms designed to blur the lines between vision and reality, to clever interactive display systems, augmented reality and CRM integration – Rare plans, develops and project manages all aspects of the delivery to create the best possible experience.

88 by JQZ Display Suite