You may have heard the saying “great ingredients are the key to great food”.


When clients ask us to identify the steps to creating a great corporate website, our advice is always to start with the ingredients. What is the story you want to tell? What is the message hierarchy and touchpoints for your audience? Most importantly, do you have great quality visual content? In the case of our client Loftex, they started their brand new corporate website with the right ingredients.

Having successfully delivered projects including the iconic Embassy Tower on Sydney’s Lower North Shore and the international award winning Radiance in Darling Harbour, Loftex had a substantial database of visual content to draw from, having commissioned a number of Australia’s leading architectural photographers to shoot their completed projects.

The challenge at hand was their existing website was built on a legacy framework and therefore didn’t allow for their visual content to be showcased at its best.

Our web strategy for Loftex was built around their visual content – utilising a bespoke grid system for each of their projects which meant each and every image is shown to its full potential.

A website born from great ingredients: