A strategic approach to digital lead gen pays off for Woolooware Bay.


Digital media is fast becoming the primary way buyers are finding and connecting with property. Gone are the days of simply placing ads and hoping buyers will see them – agencies now need to be more strategic in targeting and getting the message infront of potential buyers, tracking them and retargeting them with specific messages designed to convert them into a solid lead. Rare has access to world leading research, planning and campaign management tools aimed at delivering more sales leads at a greatly reduced cost per conversion.

The art of creating high conversion lead gen content.


For the final stage of Aoyuan International’s 900 apartment Woolooware Bay, Rare developed a granular approach to the campaign’s digital content and optimising the project’s lead gen website. By creating individual campaigns for each buyer segment and matching to specific apartment stock, not only did we see a significant increase in enquiry but also greater efficiencies in budget spend, with a reduction in CPA’s and more qualified leads. Utilising sophisticated web optimisation tools to analyse user behaviour on Woolooware Bay’s website, we were able to re-engineer the user experience – integrating new value exchanges for registering, which increased the lead conversion rate by almost 200%.

Client Testimonial:


“Rare have been a key part of our team and the success of Woolooware Bay since day dot. Now 7 years on since the first launch, they still consistently bring to the table new ideas, creative and strategic thinking to tackle an increasingly challenging market.”


Matt Crews
Aoyuan International